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Ismail Shahid Drama | Funny Ismail Shahid

Ismail Shahid:

Ismail Shahid is a well-known actor of Pashtu Drama. He is a good Funny Pashto actor. Pahto comedy Shows and Pashto funny Stage show are well-noted of him. He has worked foe pashto cinema and pashto drama. He has talent of fun. He has worked for Pashto language and his pashto dramas are liked to much. He creates fun in simple affairs. Ismail Shahid Pashto drama list is notable. Ismail shahid is famous in Pakistan as well as in Afghanistan. Ismail Shahid worked in most pashto funny dramas and tried to work for pashto language. Pashto is a brod language, Ismail Shahid sometimes sings very funny Pashto Songs.

Ismail Shahid has the ability to make Pashto Drama on each topic. He creates fun very well. He always tries to entertain the people. He is a very good Pashto Drama actor. He himself produces pashto dramas. He love pashto language and always tries to improve it and introduced good ideas with the help of Pashto Drama. Ismail Shahid is popular in Pakhtoon people because of his funny character and his abilities. He works for Pashtoo Language and Pakhtoon people. He is equally popular in Pakistan and Afghanistan. There are many dramas worked Ismail Shahid in but a few of them are very funny which are listed below.

1. Aqul Luy da ka Aqal
2. Dewa da Alladin
3. Latoon Da Pakhtoon
4. Yo Aqal bal Kamaqal
5. Dhoka Baz

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