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Raheem Shah Songs

Raheem Shah is a popular pop singer. He was born in December 1975 in Karachi. Raheem Shah belongs to Swat. His is a famous Pashto Music singer. Raheem Shah songs are very famous. Raheem Shah has sung in Pakistan and Afghanistan as well. He has sung in India too. Raheem Shah songs have great influence on the people of different dialect people. Raheem Shah New Songs are likely to come in 2012 and will find a good response. Raheem Shah has sung in Urdu and in Punjabi as well. Raheem Shah MP3 Songs are aslo appreciable. His song " Mama Da " has been famous for a long time till today. Raheem Shah knows the basic skills of singing. Whether MP3 or Videos songs, Raheem Shah never losses his skills while singing. Raheem Shah sings with efforts and tries to bring change in Pashto Music.