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Raheem Shah song Mama Da | Mama De

Mama De

Rahim Shah has sung many songs. One of them is the most famous of them which is " Mama De ". Rahim Shah has been famous because of his songs as he has brought change in Pashto Music. Rahim Shah has sung nice songs, his some albums are very populars. Rahim Shah's album are available at abundant. Rahim Shah has great effects on the singers of Pashto Music. List of Rahim Shah's album is given Below:

    * Ghum
    * Saba Ru
    * Laila
    * Channa
    * Peera
    * Pyar Nahin Milta (2004)
    * Chercha
    * Gul Jana
    * Yarana
    * Maa'ma Dey