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Zahirullah | Zahirullah Pashto Dubbing


Zahirullah is a famous Funny Pashto Dubbing expert. He has introduced a new way to present Pashto Music and Pashto comedy in his album. He is very expert. He lives in Mardan Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. He has introduced many album which are liked by Pashtoon people. Zahirullah Dubbing is famous in Pakistan and Afghanistan as well. Zahirullah has an active sense of fun so he creates it with great spirit. Zahirullah has made available many Pashto Funny albums. Zahirullah Dubbing named Garza Wos Maze Kawa is very famous amoun Pakhtoon People. Zahirullha is a kind man that is the reason Pathans love him from the depth of their hearts. He has founded a foundation namely Azzan Welfare. Zahirullah works hard to bring funny materials in his albums. Pashto Songs are made very interesting by Zahirullah and he has struggled for improving music and fun as well. Zahirullah intends to presents his new albums 2012 soon. Zahirullah new albums could make his fans more happier. I wish Zahirulha could get the desired goals in his fields.