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Ismail Shahid Funny Drama List

Ismail Shahid Drama List:

As we know that Ismail Shahid is a very funny actor. Ismail Shahid has worked in many dramas that is to say countless dramas are there in which Ismail Shahid has worked. Ismail Shahid Dramas list is a tough work to collect but I have tried a lot to do this for my friends. Finally Ismail Shahid Dramas List is posted in my another post and I hope you will learn about his some famous dramas which are considered great from him. Ismail Shahid funny dramas are famous in all the world who know Pashto language. He is a talented actor and his skills are admired everywhere.

Ismail Shahid Funny Dramas List:

  1. Latoon Da Pakhtoon
  2. Warana Jarand
  3. Khob Da Dubai
  4. Da waskat da cha de
  5. Janjalyan

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